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Our Illinois Secretary of State approved instructor training course meets all the necessary guidelines and requirements that you will need to obtain your Instructor’s License 

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Why become a driving instructor?

  • Fulfilling Career: As a driving instructor, you will have the satisfaction of helping students achieve an important life skill and ensuring road safety.

  • Flexibility: You can choose to work part-time or full-time, set your own hours, and enjoy a work-life balance that fits your needs.

  • Job Security: There is always a demand for driving instructors, as there will always be new drivers looking to learn how to drive.

  • Compensation: Driving instructors can earn a competitive salary and have the opportunity to earn more with experience and a good reputation.

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Career Path

  • Driving instructors may start out working for a driving school or government agency.

  • With experience and education, driving instructors may advance to supervisory, management, and even ownership of a driving school branch.

  • Continuous education is essential for driving instructors to maintain their licenses and stay up-to-date with changes in driving laws and techniques.

  • A career as a driving instructor can be rewarding and offer opportunities for growth and advancement.

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  • Be at least 21 years old

  • Hold a valid driver’s license for at least 2 years

  • Have a clean driving record

  • No felonies or misdemeanors. (fingerprints required by the SOS)

  • Complete a driving instructor training program of 48 Hrs approved by the Illinois Secretary of State

  • Pass a written exam and a driving skills test.

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How to Start

  • Contact us now!

  • Fill out our fast and easy contact form to receive a call from one of our specialized agents within the next 24 hours or sooner.

  • We assure you will receive detailed information about our program to start your process right away.

Four Steps to a Driver’s License

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Find the Right Course
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Step 2
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Step 3
Schedule Lessons
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Step 4
Pass the Tests
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Driver’s Ed Classes and Driving Lessons

First-Class Service

Top instructors

MyDrive connects individuals and businesses with professional driving instructors who provide high-quality training.

Effective learning

MyDrive’s interactive, tried-and-tested online courses are available at our students’ convenience

Simple scheduling

MyDrive’s online scheduling and superior customer service clears a straight path to obtaining a driver’s license

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. Our courses have been designed to meet each student where they are in the process of learning to drive, and our test-prep courses have ensured that students can pass their permit and road tests with confidence and ease.

MyDA’s highly trained, state-licensed instructors are used to accommodating students who have apprehensions about driving a car. Lessons are conducted at a pace that best fits a student’s needs, and will only move forward to more advanced skills when the student feels comfortable.

Our permit-test preparation course has helped thousands of driving students pass the permit exam. At the end of the two-hour course, students take practice tests similar to the real exam to reinforce the knowledge gained during the class. 

Permit Prep class in English

Clase de preparación para obtener el Permiso en español

MyDA has a variety of lesson packages available to fit the needs and capabilities of every beginning and intermediate driver. You can look over our available classes here or call our operators at (630) 760-2255 for specific advice. 

No one can guarantee how quickly or slowly things will move at the SOS, but in general Fridays are more crowded than other days, and afternoons are more crowded than mornings. 

It is strongly recommended that anyone who needs to visit a Secretary of State facility should make an appointment in advance at the SOS’s scheduling site. Permit-test or road-test appointments should be scheduled with time to spare. 

The Secretary of State’s Facility Finder lists all SOS-location addresses in Illinois, along with their hours of operation, phone numbers, and other useful information.

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Our Illimois Secretary of State approved instructor training course meets all the necessary guidelines and requirements that you will need to obtain your Instructor’s License