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Driver's Education Programs

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At MyDrive Academy, we offer tailored driver education programs for teens and adults.

Our programs include:

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Join us at MyDrive Academy, where we empower you to take control of the wheel. Enroll today, choose your preferred package, and start your journey towards getting your driver’s license quickly and with confidence. Your road to freedom begins here!

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When embarking on your journey to becoming a licensed driver, the first and most critical step is selecting the right course. At MyDrive Academy, we offer tailored options to meet your specific needs. For teens aged 15-17, our complete 30 Hours Driver’s Education Course is a mandatory requirement that equips you with the knowledge and skills necessary to pass your permit test with flying colors. Additionally, new drivers aged 18-20 will benefit from our 6 Hours Adult Driver’s Education Course, which is also a state requirement, and provides valuable insights and training for responsible driving. Even if you’re 21+ and not required to take the adult course, it’s an excellent opportunity to acquire essential knowledge for a lifetime of safe driving.

We understand that time is of the essence, and you’re eager to kickstart your driver’s education journey. That’s why we’ve made it easy for you to check our soonest available courses. Simply head to our checkout page, and you’ll find our up-to-date course schedule. This allows you to plan your education conveniently, ensuring you get started as soon as possible.

Feeling confident in your knowledge is crucial when preparing for your permit test. At MyDrive Academy, we offer extra preparation through our permit test preparation courses. These courses are available both online and in-person, giving you flexibility in your learning style. Whether you’re looking to brush up on specific topics or want comprehensive preparation, we’ve got you covered. Plus, our courses are offered in both English and Spanish, ensuring accessibility for all aspiring drivers.

With your newfound knowledge and preparation from MyDrive Academy’s Driver’s Education Courses, you’ll be well-prepared to tackle the permit test at the DMV. Our courses not only provide you with the necessary information but also instill confidence in your driving abilities. When you walk into the DMV, you’ll have the tools and knowledge needed to pass the test and take your first step toward obtaining your learner’s permit.

In Illinois, Driver’s Education Courses are required for new drivers to promote safe driving. Their key purposes include:  

Safety Education: These courses teach traffic laws and defensive driving techniques to ensure safe and responsible driving.
Accident Reduction: They aim to reduce accidents, especially among inexperienced drivers.
State Law Compliance: Mandatory for specific age groups, ensuring standardized education.
Permit and License Qualification: Prepares students for permit tests, expediting the licensing process.
Promoting Responsible Behavior: Emphasizes responsible driving practices and awareness.
Insurance Benefits: Completion may lead to lower insurance premiums.   Overall, these courses educate, enhance safety, and comply with state laws, fostering responsible and safe driving practices.

Yes, the 30 Hours Driver’s Education Course is mandatory for all new teen drivers aged 15-17 in Illinois. Illinois law requires that individuals in this age group must successfully complete this course as part of the Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) program. The GDL program is designed to provide young drivers with the necessary knowledge and skills to become safe and responsible drivers. The 30 Hours Driver’s Education Course is a crucial component of this program and is a requirement for obtaining a learner’s permit and eventually a full driver’s license. It covers essential topics related to traffic laws, road signs, safe driving practices, and more, helping new teen drivers prepare for their driving journey and contribute to road safety.

The 30 Hours Driver’s Education Course in Illinois prepares teen drivers aged 15-17 for safe and responsible driving by covering:


  • Traffic laws and regulations
  • Road signs and signals
  • Safe driving practices
  • Driver responsibilities
  • Dangers of distracted and impaired driving
  • Emergency responses
  • Environmental impact (optional)


Benefits include gaining knowledge and confidence, preparing for the permit test, enhancing safety, and potentially lowering insurance premiums. Overall, it equips new drivers for responsible and confident driving in Illinois.

Yes, if you’re aged 18-20 in Illinois, you must complete the 6 Hours Adult Driver’s Education Course, fulfilling a legal requirement. Benefits include comprehensive education on driving topics, preparation for the permit test, safety emphasis, potential insurance discounts, and increased confidence on the road.


Yes, the 6 Hours Adult Driver’s Education Course in Illinois is available for voluntary enrollment. It offers knowledge enhancement, improved confidence, potential insurance benefits, refresher training, and safety awareness to individuals of all ages and experience levels, even if not mandatory.


Yes, Driver’s Education Courses in Illinois often include comprehensive preparation for the written permit test, expediting the process of obtaining your learner’s permit. MyDrive Academy offers Driver’s Education Courses that cover the necessary topics and specialized permit test preparation courses in both English and Spanish for added convenience.


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Empower Yourself on the Road to Safe and Responsible Driving

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Driver's Education Programs

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30 Hours Driver’s Education Course
Unlock the path to responsible and informed driving with our comprehensive 30-hour state requirement classroom course for teens.
  • Complete 30-hour Driver’s Ed classroom course.
  • State requirement for new drivers aged 15-17.
  • Engaging and informative classroom sessions.
  • We cover all the essential topics to make you a safe and responsible driver.
6 Hours Adult Driver’s Education Course
This is a six-hour course in person offered in English and Spanish.
  • State requirement for ages 18 to 20.
  • 6 hours in person course.
  • Offered in English and Spanish.
  • Certificate issued after completion.
Educación Vial para Adultos (Español)
Este es un curso presencial de seis horas de duración ofrecido en inglés y español.
  • Requisito obligatorio para conductores entre los 18 a 20 años de edad.
  • Curso presencial de 6 horas.
  • Se ofrece en inglés y español.
  • Se otorga un certificado tras haber completado el curso.
Permit Preparation (English) - In-Person
This is a complete classroom course to learn the rules of the road.
  • Expert classroom guidance.
  • Comprehensive coverage of the Illinois Rules of the Road.
  • Interactive practice exams.
  • Engaging and all-encompassing.
Curso presencial de preparación para el examen del permiso de aprendizaje (Español)
Curso completo en el aula para aprender las reglas de tránsito
  • Orientación experta en el aula.
  • Revisión completa de las Reglas de tránsito de Illinois.
  • Exámenes de práctica interactivos.
  • Atractivo y omnicomprensivo.
Permit Preparation (English) - Online
This is a two-hour online course to learn the rules of the road.
  • Two-hour online course.
  • Course may be completed at the student’s convenience—there is no time limit.
  • Comprehensive review of the permit test.
  • Engaging and interactive.
Curso en línea de preparación para el examen del permiso de aprendizaje (Español)
Este es un curso en línea de dos horas para aprender las reglas de tránsito.
  • Curso en línea de dos horas.
  • El curso puede completarse a conveniencia del estudiante, no hay límite de tiempo.
  • Revisión integral del examen de permiso.
  • Atractivo e interactivo.
Remedial Course
Course to review the Rules of the Road to get back the License for Drivers who received an Illinois license suspension.
  • Tailored for Illinois license revocation cases.
  • Comprehensive instruction and support.
  • Aims to reinstate driving privileges.
  • State-approved rehabilitation program.
Written Exam Preparation for License C
Learn the rules of the road and pass your driver's license exam with our driver's education course. We cover everything you need to know.
  • For commercial driver’s license only.
  • Preparation for the mandatory written test.
  • How to drive safely and responsibly.
  • How to obey traffic laws.
  • How to handle emergencies.
  • How to prevent accidents.
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David Ruiz
“I would definitely recommend any of my friends to join MyDrive Academy, it made me into what I like to think is a great driver, and I feel confident behind-the-wheel which is really important. Thanks to MyDrive Academy!”

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Melanie Dale
Student’s Parent
“The experience has been wonderful, from the moment I was greeted. I felt comfortable with the staff, they took good care of my kids. I’m so thrilled I have the freedom now of not having to drive my kids back and forth, because now they can drive!”
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Ramón Muñoz
Student’s Parent
“I believe MyDrive Academy’s instructors helped my son with a lot of his anxiety about driving. He was very hesitant before about getting behind the wheel. But soon after he enrolled with MyDrive Academy, he felt confident, he became a safe driver, and extra cautious on the road. That really calms my nerves knowing that my son is out there driving safely thanks to MyDrive Academy!”

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