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By enrolling in the MyDrive Academy (MDA), you hereby agree with the following terms and conditions:

a. This 6-hour online adult driver education course is approved by the Illinois Secretary of State (SOS) for adults ages 18-20 who need to obtain an Illinois driver’s license and have not previously held a driver’s license in any other state or completed a classroom driver education course.

b. Certificates will only be issued to those students who complete the course and are between the ages of 18 and 20 years old.

c. You are responsible for ensuring that the information you provided during online enrollment matches the driver record that the Illinois SOS office has on file or the SOS will reject it and you will not receive credit for completing the course. If your driving record information is rejected, MDA will assess a $10 non-refundable surcharge for each subsequent transmission of your corrected information to the SOS.

d. Any complaint should be submitted within 48 hours after the service has been rendered. Complaints are to be submitted through a form and will be carefully reviewed by the management team.

e. For your safety and ours, all classes behind the wheel and in the classroom are been recorded.

f. MyDrive Academy may use the video and sound recordings for any educational, training, or informational purposes as it sees fit.

g. The program you have purchased must be completed within 6 months of the sign-up date.

h. Services are equivalent to the amount paid upon registration.

i. Payment methods accepted by MDA are cash, Zelle, and credit cards.


This limitation of liability clause continues to have effect after this agreement is terminated. For every new service purchased, there shall be a new contract signed.


1. We offer WE online and ADE online, the only class we may offer in person is the 30 hours of Driver’s Education for students under 18 years old.

  • The Driver's Education program has specific attendance requirements given by the Secretary of State, should the student misses more lessons than the allowed by the state he or she will have to re-take the program at the expense of the student.
  • In the case that any class does not meet the minimum attendance requirements, MDA will inform the students and reschedule for a different date.

2. All of our online courses are self-guided and are divided into several chapters of instruction and a final examination.

  • Each course has its own passing criteria specified at the beginning of the course


a. Start at the pickup point determined at the time of booking unless otherwise agreed to by the instructor and the student.
  b.You must have a valid driving permit issued by the Secretary of State to do any behind-the-wheel lessons. You must carry this permit at all times, without it, the lesson cannot proceed.
c. We highly suggest students to be ready to start their lesson at least 10 minutes before the agreed time. The instructor will wait a maximum of 10 minutes after the time agreed on after which it will be taken as a no-show.
d. At the conclusion of your ongoing lesson with the instructor, you will be able to schedule your next lesson. However, if you wish to change instructors, it is essential that you get in touch with the main number of the MyDrive Academy office.
a. You have a 24-hour cancellation policy for every package or service purchased. After 24 hours that no cancellation has been initiated, no refund will exist.
b. You must give us at least 24 hours prior to the lesson scheduled to notify us if you wish to cancel or re-arrange a booked lesson. Failure to do so, you will be charged a flat fee of $100.The cancellation fee must be paid in full before rescheduling the lesson.
c. In any scenario of a last-minute cancellation, you will be charged a no-show fee of $100.
d. To cancel a lesson you must contact the main number of MyDrive Academy office and/or the driving instructor.
e. MDA is committed to conducting thorough and timely investigations of any disputed transactions. The outcome of the investigation will be communicated to all parties involved, and our management will carefully consider your inquiry.
f. Failure to comply with the code of conduct established by the company will result in the termination of the lesson and the application of a corresponding fee.
a. Wear proper clothing and footwear. A sleeveless shirt (for males), short pants, slippers, flip flops, Crocs, and sandals are NOT allowed. 
b. MDA has a zero-tolerance policy for drugs and alcohol. If at the time of a driving lesson, the instructor feels the student is under the influence of any drugs/alcohol, we will cancel the lesson and will contact the parent/guardian immediately. 
c. The company reserves the right to cancel anytime the behind the wheel lessons if irresponsible behavior by the student driver puts the safety of the driving instructor, training vehicle, and other road users at risk.
d. The company reserves the right to expel the student from the class due to disruptive behavior.
e. Mobile phones MUST be in a “Do Not Disturb” mode before any behind-the-wheel lesson or classroom instruction starts.
f. Students must show up 5 minutes before the classes start. If you come more than 15 minutes late, you will be marked as absent.
g. Note-taking materials should be non-electronic. Taking photos and recording of learning materials and classes in any form is strictly prohibited.
The school will not refund any tuition or part of tuition if the school is capable and willing to perform its part of the contract.

The staff and instructors at MyDrive Academy are not liable for the loss of a student’s private property and/or documents. Please keep track of your belongings when in an MDA classroom or vehicle.

a. From time-to-time My Drive Academy may run special offers, promotions, or discounts any and all of these are subject to their own Terms and Conditions.
b. All special offers, promotions, and discounts contained in any advertising external to this website are standalone offers.

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